Custom Spirit Wear / Fundraiser Consultation

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Raising money for your group or event can be easy!  

Many fundraising groups are struggling to find opportunities with large events being on hold and many popular companies closing their fundraising programs. 

I work with fundraising committees to create a catalog of product options and customize the pricing, schedule, and processes to suit the needs of their group through flexible margins and convenient e-commerce resources.  

Many national spirit wear vendors limit the design options, have required minimums, provide little flexibility with products offered, and don't provide various shipping options.  As a local small business owner and active PTO & School Corporation fundraising chair, I understand the need for personalized attention, especially now.  

I am eager to help you meet the needs of your organization this year! 

If you want or need a hands-free process, I can create an online store with direct to home shipping. 

If your group does best with paper forms and cash or check, I can provide a pdf for printing and set up an invoice for funding pre-approval at the conclusion of the sale. 

Is there a new theme at your school this year or a must-have product you'd like to include? 

Just give me your wish list and I will work to make it happen.  From apparel to accessories like spirit bows, earrings, hats, and water bottles - I can help!

- Danielle Bell, Owner of Maven Wares LLC

📣 Online Store or Printed Order Forms
📣 Cash/Check (Printed Forms) or Credit Card (Online Store) options
📣 Direct-to-Home Shipping, School Distribution, or a Local Porch Pickup option utilizing a team of your volunteers
📣 A hybrid option of your choice to suit the needs of your group's COVID-regulations

📣 Choose from boutique quality Bella + Canvas apparel or budget-conscious traditional options
📣 Add-on accessories like Spirit Bows, Earrings, Hats, and Water Bottles
📣 With low base prices for schools & non-profit organizations, you can set pricing to suit your fundraising needs and accommodate your target audience's budgets.
📣 Time your sales to suit your needs - steer clear of heavy "asking" windows like book rental and yearbook photos, schedule multiple sales a year for seasonal and holiday purchasing
📣 Host separate sales for special events or memorabilia like Kindergarten, 5th Grade, or a Championship Game.

Perfect for PTO/PTA groups, spirit wear, non-profit organizations, sports teams, special events, medical fundraisers, adoption fundraisers, mission trip fundraisers, and more.


Our team can create a custom design for any product.  T-shirts and other apparel make great fundraiser options, as do accessories like Spirit Bows, coffee mugs, water bottles, tote bags, and more!

You can see a small selection of shirt styles and colors in our Custom Apparel Collection.  Keep in mind that the prices listed are retail value and do not reflect fundraising base prices.

Because every Spirit Wear Sale is highly customized from start to finish in order to meet the needs of each individual organization, we ask that you submit this request for a FREE Consultation.