Adhesive Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

Maven Wares Adhesive Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

If applying the decal to an outdoor item such as a vehicle or mailbox, check the forecast first!  It is important that the vinyl decal not be exposed to moisture such as rain, sleet, snow, carwash fluids, or mud for 24-hours after application to allow proper curing for prolonged lift.

Check the alignment of the decal on the transfer tape and the placement on your surface before proceeding.  Though the transfer tape has grid lines, if the design is not level you may want to use a ruler and marker to make your own guide line on top of the transfer tape.

We do not recommend applying adhesive vinyl decals to your vehicle.  Though they may be removable, the uneven sun exposure will result in discoloration of your vehicle's paint.  Add the decal to your window instead!  Just be sure not to obstruct the driver's view. :)

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE PROCEEDING!  It is a quick process.  Once the vinyl touches the surface, it cannot be repositioned without ruining the vinyl.

1. Clean the application surface thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.  Any moisture may prevent the vinyl from properly curing.  Rubbing Alcohol works best, provided you check to be sure it won't damage your application surface.

2. Peel the paper backing off one half of the decal. (This is the side without the grid lines)  Fold back or trim the removed backing.

3. Apply the vinyl decal to the surface starting with the exposed half, ensuring the decal is properly aligned before touching the surface.  Once the vinyl sticks, you cannot reposition it without ruining the vinyl!  Use a credit card to smooth the vinyl as you adhere it to the surface.

4. Slowly peel the transfer tape at a 180-degree angle. If part of the design begins to lift, simply press the transfer tape back in place and use the credit card and careful manual pressure to adhere the vinyl to the surface.

5. Remember to wait 24-hours before exposing the vinyl to excess moisture!